Hi, I'm Shannon!

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II'm obsessed with Glitter Tumblers.  Marked Monograms has been just so much fun for me!  I have always been obsessed with personalization for as long as I can remember.  As a little girl I would search out my name on keychains in stores and got way more excited about finding my name and its meaning next to little dried flowers than any 3rd grader ever should.  My name isn't incredibly unique, but it wasn't always available which is where I learned if I want my name on something I need to learn how to customize it myself.

As an adult I became obsessed with monogramming.  I would want my monogram on anything that didn't move.  I learned to monogram shirts and bags and decal tumblers.  When stainless steel tumblers started hitting  shelves I became obsessed with them!  I just knew I could put my spin on this wonderful item I used all the time.  I stated with decals but hated how they would shift and peel, pretty soon I began to love creating glittered cups. I love being able to personalize them for others to enjoy personalizing the same way that little girl searching for her name on  keychains did so long ago.  

Today in addition to being a wife and a mom to two little boys and a college age girl, I love getting to customize glitter tumblers.  Different colors, different fonts and names.  No two cups ever look exactly the same which is why I love it so much!  

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